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  1. Thread on Resource Update

    Thread on Resource Update

    Saving your time in writing notice of new updated resources as post format.
  2. Node List Sidebar Render

    Node List Sidebar Render

    Let's you easier when discovering a site by an advanced "menu".
  3. Avoid Short Urls

    Avoid Short Urls

    Avoiding risks exposed from short urls with Avoid Short URLs right now!
  4. Post Count to RM Downloads

    Post Count to RM Downloads

    Limit download resources until the number of posts by a members reached.
  5. Post Count to Attachment Downloads

    Post Count to Attachment Downloads

    Limit download attachments until the number of posts by a members reached.
  6. Credits - Paypal Payment

    Credits - Paypal Payment

    Maximize your shopping desire on Xenforo using PayPal payment by "Credits - PayPal Payment".
  7. Change Password Permission

    Change Password Permission

    This addon defines a permission to change password for specific users/usergroups.
  8. Censorship In Conversation

    Censorship In Conversation

    This addon allows you to choose certain usergroups to bypass censorship in conversation.
  9. Spam Cleaner in Admin

    Spam Cleaner in Admin

    This is a simple addon which brings Spam Cleaner feature into AdminCP.
  10. Dofollow Links for Usergroup

    Dofollow Links for Usergroup

    This add-on allows to specify usergroups who who don't have "nofollow" set on URLs they post.
  11. Addon Install Log

    Addon Install Log

    This addon provides an easy way to view addon install/uninstall/upgrade log directly in the admin.
  12. Active User Upgrades Browser

    Active User Upgrades Browser

    Provide your list active user upgrades with additional browser functions.