XenForo Intergration Service

Our XenForo Integration services is all about helping you take your XenForo to a whole new level by helping you integrate styles, add-ons, applications, etc… If you want your site to operate differently than the original installation, or want to see your site behave differently then you are in the right place. Our hosting / server migration service is available for 24/7, and has a 24-48 hours turn around time.
  • What's this service all about?

    1. • Style integration. Example: Taking your exist website's design (header, footer, content container) matches the look and feel with XenForo style.
    2. • Add-on integration. Example: Taking any XenForo add-ons along with the style.
    3. • 3rd party application integration. Example: Integrate Mailchimp opt-in form into your XenForo to build your mailing list.
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