XenForo Optimization Service

    You spend a lot of money to cutting-edge the style and install a lot of functional add-ons. This is all a total waste of money if your visitors have to wait more than a few seconds for your web pages to load. Boost the download speed of your XenForo page and accelerate backend systems to retain your visitors and increase usability.

    Our Optimization service will transform your XenForo so it delivers its web pages with lightning fast display speed to keep your visitors glued to your forum.
    • What we do with optimization service?

      1. • Performance Analytics: We will analytics your XenForo to improve performance. Prioritized recommendations and optional hands-on optimization
      2. • Speed Analytics: We will locate performance bottlenecks and recommend solutions for your XenForo content and front end design for maximum speed.
      3. • Speed Optimization: After analytics we will transforms your webpage content and backend systems for higher speed, guaranteed.
    • Request a quote
  • STEP 1: Get Started

    1. • Fill in and submit the form that you see on the bottom of this page.
    2. • On filling form process, if you want install add-ons / styles, give us your list of requirements.
    3. • We will review the completed form and we’ll send request for payment via Paypal.
  • Step 2: Optimization Process

    1. • You should provide us your FTP/SSH and XenForo valid license source code (or XenForo.com customer account)
    2. • You should provide us your add-ons / styles source code which you want to install to your XenForo.
    3. • We will complete your installation professionally.the style.
  • Step 3: Completing

    1. • You will get a list of important informations, such as administrator passwords.
    2. • 12 months support is also available for any issues you may have with the installation we have done for you.
    3. • Please note that our setup services do not include XenForo license (you should have a valid XenForo license) and editing server setup (your web hosting must already meet the requirements for XenForo).